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When Beyoncé growled barbarian and Nicki continued going in I felt my soul shake I felt the devil leave my body I am cleansed of that one time I listened to Fancy. Thank you Beyoncé. Thank you Nicki Minaj. You healed me

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So let me get this straight…



  • Janelle hit us with that heaven-sent Electric Lady video 
  • Nicki dropped Bang Bang followed by Anaconda and reclaimed, “Baby Got Back” 
  • Talks of Nicki and Beyonce going **Flawless together 
  • Janet Jackson is back in the studio
  • Missy Elliot is going to drop an album 


  • And Remy Ma is finally free, and is already in the studio.



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nicki and bey really tryna start a fucking militia of supercharged black girls or something bc i swear to the living GOD every time one of them drops something i start making plans to better my life like “ooh i need to register for classes and moisturize my hair and drink more water and start working out and eat more dark leafy greens”

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Black Actresses 

Oprah Winfrey Octavia Spencer Gina Torres Lupita Nyong’o | Viola Davis  | Lynn Whitfield | Rochelle Aytes Halle Berry Gibourey Sidibe Kerry Washington Tracee Ellis-Ross Amber Riley Thandie Newton Nicole Beharie Kandyse McClure Sanaa Lathan | Joy Bryant |Jurnee Smollett

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Dissecting Scandal: Part Two →


So… I just finished writing about the Scandal S1E1 and now I’m going to talk about the latest season finale (S3E18). Check out my previous blog post, I gave an introduction as to what my thesis statement is and why I’m dissecting Scandal. My notes for this episode were significantly shorter than…

Check out part two of my dissecting Scandal blog for my women studies class! Let me know what you think! Feedback is welcomed!!

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Dissecting Scandal: Part One →


Scandal is one of my favorite television shows. I’ve always been a huge Shonda Rhimes fan (I used to be obsessed with Private Practice) and now Scandal has stolen my heart. Kerry Washington alone is enough to hook my attention, but the fact that this is the first show in 40 years to feature an…

Check me out! I’d love feedback!

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Adultery = Plot twists of the 21st century.

So… I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. And I don’t really blog like ever… but I really needed to get this out of my head before I forget it…

Lately on twitter I’ve seen a lot of comments about the beautiful Gabrielle Union’s new show on BET called Being Mary Jane and how bad it makes black women look. I’ve seen comments ranging from how tasteless it is to how MJ is glorifying ‘side chicks/hos’. Then, twitter pulled in my imaginary best friend Kerry Washington into this and said the same exact thing. Now, I’m well aware that the internet is full of trolls and I shouldn’t care or what ever the fuck but… how is this at all different from the millions of other shows out there on TV that have women sleeping with married men?!

Did you stop watching Sex in the City? No.

Did you stop watching Mistresses? No.

Did you stop watching Betrayal? Well maybe…this show was so dry.

Did you stop watching Revenge? No.

Did you stop watching Downton Abbey? No.

Did you stop watching Desperate Housewives? No.

See where I’m going with this?

But all of a sudden Gabrielle and Kerry are single-handedly making black women look like objects that are only good for sex and will never be wife material. In no way shape or form have people said anything about white women bringing other white women down in any of the shows I’ve listed above…but since hating on black women is a common trope in our society somehow it’s clearly their fault.

Now, as a young black women I’m very well aware that the media does not represent us very well. So when these black women star in these new TV shows, we have high hopes that they will represent each and every one of us. And when they don’t we get turned off and upset which makes sense because we don’t have as many options! But that’s another topic for another day…

I really don’t think it’s fair to try and pin the whole problem of WOC being seen as temporary objects of desire or as a fetish on Scandal and Being Mary Jane. Women of all races PERIOD have been playing these roles on TV. This is a misogyny issue, rather than a race issue. Don’t even get me started about how no one is mad at the men in these shows either, when 9 times out of 10…THEY ARE THE ONE BREAKING THE MARRIAGE VOWS.

Adultery is what TV is all about these days. If you must be angry, get mad at the show for it’s poor acting, bad writing or weak plot lines! Don’t fault these actresses for bringing a check home every week. Understand the fact that this where 21st century TV drama’s are mostly about these days. And quite frankly, if you don’t like it… shut the fuck up and watch Family Feud or get out there and write some pilots that bring back the Claire Huxtable’s of TV.

Right now we live in a world where sex sells, and adultery gets viewers and if we don’t change that first TV, regardless of the actresses race, will stay the same.


a feminist who just wants to enjoy fictional characters ruin their lives on TV.

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got an email that my tumblr dash misses me.


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